AH-6i aircraft

AH-6 Light Attack / Reconnaissance Helicopter

The AH-6 is a light attack and armed reconnaissance helicopter built with 30 years of Special Operations and AH-64 Apache helicopter development experience.

AH-6: Best in Class

The AH-6 is a highly capable light attack / armed reconnaissance helicopter specifically designed with superior performance characteristics and flexible, easily configurable mission equipment ideal for Light Attack, Precision Attack, Anti-armor, Close Combat Attacks, Reconnaissance, Security & Escort, Troop Insertion/Extraction, Combat Search & Rescue.

The AH-6’s mission computer processes large amounts of data and shares information across all aircraft systems quickly. It also increases safety, improves and aids rapid decision making, enhances situational awareness, reduces pilot workload and decreases aircraft life cycle support costs.


Optimizing readiness of the AH-6 fleet around the globe is one of Boeing’s many missions. From performance-based logistics contracting and integrated fleet support to vertical lift maintenance, modifications and repairs, Boeing provides a broad spectrum of innovative products and services which directly support and enhance capabilities while reducing total cost of ownership. These services range from transactional spares to complete lifecycle support solutions that are uniquely tailored to the requirements of each AH-6 customer.

AH-6 Technical Specifications

Maximum Cruise Speed 126 knots
Maximum Range 179 nmi (331 km)
Maximum Endurance 2.1 hrs
Maximum Rate of Climb 2,162 ft per min
Maximum Service Ceiling 20,000 ft


AH-6 Quick Facts

  • Unmatched power-to-weight ratio
  • Superior high/hot and nap-of-the-earth performance
  • Exceptional endurance
  • Fully integrated cockpit simplifies pilot workload
  • Extensive, integrated digital communications suite
  • Highly survivable combat proven airframe design
  • Beneficiary of on-going AH-64 Apache modernization efforts
  • Rapid transition from attack to troop insertion configuration
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