First at three: Boeing delivers higher-rate 767 to FedEx

FedEx, the world’s largest cargo airline and the largest operator of 767-300 Freighters took delivery of the first 767 at Boeing’s increased build rate of three airplanes per month. Boeing has delivered more than 80 of the mid-sized freighters to FedEx.

Boeing continues to see strong market demand for 767 airplanes, which offer outstanding operational efficiency and payload configuration. Cargo operators around the world keep the global 767 Freighter fleet busy, flying the model an average of 10 hours a day.

Technical Specs

Payload kg (lbs) 52,480 (115,700)
Range nm 3,255
Length 54.94 m (180 ft 3 in)
Wingspan 47.57 m (156 ft 1 in)
Height 15.85 m (52 ft)


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